I'm Peter Smolders

Engineer by training, maker by profession and creator by nature.

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Inventing and creating new things as well as solving problems are my passion. With software or hardware. I have experience with mechanical and electronic design. I am lucky to own a small lathe, a mill, a 3D printer, a desktop cutting machine and a cnc-router. Most of which I hacked to my liking.
At the same time I am interested in the arts and crafts.
For most of my life I have been drawing and sculpting. Recently glass art and glass blowing became a new passion.



3D-drawing and printing

Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor & Blender

My PrintrBot Metal Plus 3D-printer allows me to create tools and parts in a fast and simple way.

Web Development

PHP, MySQL, javascript

Development of school website including an online subscription system, a reservation system and a custom made CMS.

Mechanical engineering

Lathe, mill and CNC router

When I need strong metal parts a lathe and mill are at my disposal in my workshop.
My router comes in handy for cutting plastics, wood or aluminium.


PIC 16F628 from Microchip was the first microcontroller I learned to program. Later I moved to the multicore controller Propeller from Parallax.
Now I frequently use the common Arduino boards and RaspBerry Pi.
I program in C or, when speed is of the essence, in machine language .
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Electronic design


Eagle has been my favorite design tool for years for electronic schematics and pcb design, but recently I turned to KiCAD.

Furniture design


Most of the closets in our home are designed and manufactured by myself using hand and machinetools.

Design and construction of my home

I have drawn my own plans for our new house and followed up the project. All finishes and technical installations are being done by me.

Glass Art

In 2017 I engaged with glass art and glass blowing at IKA Mechelen.

ICT skills

Autodesk Inventor

Work Experience

2020 - now


KU Leuven Faculty of Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences

Development and maintenance of technical equipment used in research.

2019 - 2020

School website CVO Semper

Web Developer

Development of a new school website, including an online subscription system, reservation system and custom made CMS.

2018 - 2020


SharePoint Online Administration and Development

2017 - 2020

Moodle LMS

Moodle administrator and developer

General administration as well as development of custom themes and plugins.


Teacher ICT

CVO Vilvoorde

All kind of applications ranging from Microsoft Office to Adobe and 3D drawing.


Webdesigner and developer

CVO Vilvoorde

School website and custom made CMS and intranet.



Teacher diploma



Master of Science in Engineering (Electro-mechanical Engineering)